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Westwind's Mission

Westwind International Folk Ensemble fosters appreciation for the rich legacy of ethnic arts from around the world and within our own multicultural society. By educating and entertaining diverse audiences through dance, music, song, and story, we convey the essential spirit of the cultures portrayed and enhance understanding of the human family.

Note: This site is currently being redesigned to represent 50 years of Westwind's history. We are working from the past to the present. No one will be intentionally omitted. If you wish to contribute to this site, please contact Allen Nixon (webmaster) at allencnixon@gmail.com



  Neal Sandler Jeff O'Connor Alan Whitman Rich Gibbons Duane Austin John Fitz Rachel Johnson Rich Thomas Gayle Smart Mary Ann McGovern John Bendt Cam Dan Roland Sydney Cannon Margo McCandless Kris Lowery Leta Crawford Marion Elliott Allen Nixon Marianne Blackshere George Wiltshire Greg McGlaze Stephanie Cannon Betty Jane Zakula Davina Rubin Mark Stevens Janice O'Connor Tim Lyman Kyre Fox Joanne Fox Jane Cook WW1973

Photo of Westwind International Folk Ensemble (abt. 1973)

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